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  • Installation of Fedora 36 on Dell XPS 13 9380

    Installation of Fedora 36 on Dell XPS 13 9380

    I happened to have acquired a used Dell XPS 13 9380, which is a nice little ultrabook with Intel 8th gen i7 CPU, 16GB memory(not upgrade-able), 512GB nvme SSD and a beautiful 13″ 4k screen. It has Windows 10 installed. Of course I have no intention to continue to use the stock Windows 10. At […]

  • Mining Ethereum with Multiple AMD 6600 XT Cards on Ubuntu Linux

    Warning: Ethereum(ETH) will migrate to PoS(Proof of Stake) algorithm in near future, maybe in a year. So jumping into ETH mining now might not be profitable. Also, I encourage crypto mining with renewable energy sources and a Tesla PowerWall 2 is just a few RTX 3090s away 🙂 Note: This is a follow-up for my […]

  • My nVidia RTX 3080 ThermalRight Upgrade

    Recently I traded my 2x Gigabyte RTX 3070 for a Aorus Masters RTX 3080 for a set of various reasons: For Ethereum crypto mining, a 3080 can achieve ~100MHps, which is very close to what 2x 3070 can do 1x 3080 definitely consumes less power than 2x 3070 If I play games or VR, only […]

  • Google Nest Wifi: A Speaker With Mesh Wifi

    I have been using a NetGear Nighthawk R7000 for many years, time for an upgrade. The Google Nest Wifi is very easy to setup, only need to connect the Nest Wifi router to existing router/modem and the rest can be done on a phone with Google Home app. Here are some good stuff I got […]

  • Kubernetes at Home on Raspberry Pi 4, Part 3

    Continue from part 2, this is mostly about installing ingress controller. In short, an ingress controller is like a single entry point for all ingress connections into the cluster. The reason I chose Flannel over other CNIs is that it’s lightweight and not bloated with features. I would like to keep the Pi 4s easy […]

  • Kubernetes at Home on Raspberry Pi 4, Part 2

    Continue from part 1 It’s recommended to change all Pi’s password also run ssh-copy-id [email protected] to enable SSH public key login. There are lots of steps to prepare before kubeadm is installed, so I made this ansible repository to simplify this repeating process. Please see here. The ansible role will do the following tasks: set […]

  • Kubernetes at Home on Raspberry Pi 4, Part 1

    I mostly followed/was inspired by this tutorial but with some tweak/fix to recent(Sep 2019) software versions. Also this is a pure Linux walk-through as I don’t use a Mac. I planned to build a home Kubernetes(k8s) cluster and migrate home servers including the one this blog is running on to the k8s cluster, for a […]

  • Run Fedora 29 on Dell XPS 15 9570

    Here’s a list of things to do to get Fedora 29 running optimally on Dell XPS 15 9570: First, disable Secure Boot with the stock Windows 10 and in BIOS otherwise Fedora installer on a USB stick won’t boot. I still don’t really see the necessity to have this Secure Boot, except to buy more […]