Side Quests

Potential Side Quests for a Cloud Computing Specialist

Managed Kubernetes Cluster!

I’ve set up commercial websites running in Kubernetes clusters and I can make your website run in Kubernetes too! Google why kubernetes to see if it’s beneficial for your case, in short, it gives you horizontal scaling, load balancing, rolling update and A/B tests, etc…

Cloud migration to Google Cloud Platform!

After 2 years working with GCP, I like it more than AWS now. It’s more intuitive and cheaper if used properly. Let me know if you would like to move your bare-metal or even AWS workload into GCP.

Metrics, Charts and Alerts!

Integrating metrics to form charts and trigger alerts based on custom rules, such as long response time or decreasing user logins. Fully open source solution including Elasticsearch, FileBeat, InfluxDB, Grafana, etc…

Free Website Hosting for non-profit climate/environment oriented websites

I hosted my own blog in my home kubernetes cluster for some years already, happy to host some webistes for climate/environment non-profit organizations, for free.

What else?

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