Category: Opensource

  • Use fzf to Supercharge Your kubectl Command

    First let’s have a look at fzf, a super fast command line fuzzy finder. It’s mostly written in golang and there are so many ways to use it. In this note, I’ll just use it to select a value from a list in a terminal and then return it to next command. When working with […]

  • Fedora 31, Optimus, Bumblebee and Steam

    My laptop(XPS 15) has Nvidia 1050 Ti but I never used it to play games, because I replaced Windows 10 with Fedora Linux on the first day, not even a dual boot. I’ve tried Bumblebee to run Linux native games on Nvidia a few years ago but it wasn’t stable enough. After I upgraded the […]

  • Golang and Docker Multi-Stage Build MK2

    In my previous post I used Docker multi stage technique to build a Docker container image which only has the golang executable in a tiny Alpine Linux base image. I’ll go further to use the scratch base image which has basically nothing. Here’s the Dockerfile I tested on my own project, I’ve also added comments […]

  • Deploying WordPress to Kubernetes with Kustomize

    I’ve just migrated this blog site itself into the kubernetes cluster I built with Raspberry Pi 4s, and this post is about the steps and approach I used to achieve this goal. Yes, what you have been reading is served by 1 of the Raspberry Pi boards. First of all, a bit introduction on kustomize: […]

  • Use FZF to Speed Up KUBECTL

    FZF is general purpose option selector for Linux command line. By default fzf is an super-upgrade for the ctrl-r command history finder, but it is helpful for almost any scenario where you need to pick 1 item from a list. Here’s a tiny use case where I use fzf to select a kubernetes namespace and […]

  • Golang and Docker Multi-Stage Build

    I have noticed a common pattern amonst some new utilities such as kubectl, kops and terraform: There’s only 1 single executable file to install, and by ‘install’ it can be put anywhere as long as it’s in $PATH. This was before I learned some Golang but it’s easy to find out that the reason behind […]

  • Home VPN with OpenVPN

    Here are step to run a simple OpenVPN service at home, so that I can access home network easily while not at home. First, clone the git repo for OpenVPN docker container: git clone I can use the pre-built docker image from docker hub but it has just been breached so I’d rather build […]

  • Working with a Big Corporation

    So it’s been a while since I started this job in a big corporation. I always enjoy new challenges, now my wish got granted. Not in a very good way. The things work in a quite different manner here. There are big silos and layers between teams and departments, so the challenges here are not […]