Category: Opensource

  • Run Fedora 29 on Dell XPS 15 9570

    Here’s a list of things to do to get Fedora 29 running optimally on Dell XPS 15 9570: First, disable Secure Boot with the stock Windows 10 and in BIOS otherwise Fedora installer on a USB stick won’t boot. I still don’t really see the necessity to have this Secure Boot, except to buy more […]

  • PS4 SSD Upgrade Made Easy With Linux

    Even the latest PS4 Pro model comes with an HDD. I can’t remember when was last laptop shipped with HDD but I can imagine what an SSD upgrade brings to an old PS4. The only issue is, if I put the new SSD drive in straight away I’ll need to install the PS4 OS and […]

  • Fixed tracker-store’s CPU hogging issue on Arch Linux

    I think it’s since when I updated Arch Linux a while ago the tracker-storeprocess has become CPU-hogging and it can drain the battery pretty quickly and turn my laptop into a heater. Obviously there are people experiencing this issue already, but most of them that I found were trying to disable the Gnome tracker. I’d […]

  • Nicer Deployment with Kubernetes

    The default strategy to do rolling update in a Kubernetes deployment is to reduce the capacity of current replica set and then add the capacity to the new replica set. This probably means total processing power for the app could be hindered a bit during the deployment. I’m a bit surprised to find that the […]

  • Don’t Panic When Kubernetes Master Failed

    It was business as usual when I was upgrading our Kubernetes cluster from 1.9.8 to 1.9.10, until it isn’t. From AWS console I can see the new instance for the master is running and the old one has been terminated. There’s 1 catch though, the IP yy.yy.yy.yy is not the IP of the new master […]

  • Run Google Lighthouse in Docker Container

    Thanks to my Colleague Simon’s suggestion, I was introduced to Google Lighthouse, an opensource nodejs framework to use Google Chrome to audit a website’s performance. I like Lighthouse because: opensource good portability can run as CLI command or as a nodejs module Here’s a sample Dockerfile to have a container ready to run Lighthouse with […]

  • Command Line Recording Goes SVG

    Term To SVG is lovely little utility to record a terminal session into a .svg animation. And below is a recording of how I installed termtosvg myself on Arch Linux.

  • Playing with Kubernetes Ingress Controller

    It’s very very easy to use Kubernetes(K8s) to provision an external service with AWS ELB, there’s one catch though(at least for now in 2018). AWS ELB is usually used with an auto scaling group and a launch configuration. However with K8s, EC2 instances won’t get spun directly, only pods will, which is call Horizontal Scaling. […]