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  • Home Owner’s Guide to Free Gas Heating

    Home Owner’s Guide to Free Gas Heating

    TL; DR. No there’s no free natural gas but there’s free electricity, hope you don’t mind heating up your rooms with reverse cycle air conditioners instead My old house had an equally old gas heater, and we had been using it for years. 4 years ago, the heater broke down, so I had it replaced […]

  • Home Battery, Worth Buying?

    During the lockdown days in 2020, I got A Tesla Powerwall 2 + Backup Gateway 2 combo installed by Natural Solar. The total cost was A$14,000. “Is it worth buying?” or “Would it pay for itself?” those were the question I got asked a lot. With a full year’s data from 2021, I think I […]

  • Bill Shock: The Real Cost of Tesla Model 3 After 1 Year

    Bill Shock: The Real Cost of Tesla Model 3 After 1 Year

    VicRoads timely reminded me that it’s time to renew my Tesla Model 3’s registration(rego), so it’s been a year already. I think it might be interesting to calculate the real cost of owning a (Tesla) EV. I also put imaginary figures of my previous diesel BMW there for an unfair comparison. Tesla Model 3 Previous […]

  • First Month With Sanden Heap Pump

    TL;DR: This thing is purely awesome! It’s been almost a month since my Sanden heat pump system being installed. The unit is scheduled to start running after 9AM. It probably should start a bit later than that because my solar system can barely produce 900w of power at 9AM in late winter, if it’s sunny […]

  • 1-Step Away From Fossil Fuel: Sanden Heat Pump

    After weeks of waiting, thanks to lock downs in Victoria, I finally have a 315L Sanden Heat Pump installed, replacing my who-knows-how old gas instantaneous water heater. The job has been done professionally by SolarFlow, kudos to the team! I can label myself an environmentalist who keeps trying to minimize my own carbon footprint but […]

  • Real Life Cost of a Tesla Model 3

    It’s been a bit more than 2 weeks since I got my Model 3 as a result of my impulse-buying, so as an end user I think I’m qualified to do some cost analysis and projection based on the first 1000km I’ve done with the car. Disclaimer: The following analysis is based on my calculation […]

  • Never Buy a Tesla

    I just got my Tesla Model 3 delivered last week and I’ve added a few hundreds of KMs to its odometer. Frankly it’s largely a disappointment and I’ll state my reasons here. First, it doesn’t have a ‘start engine’ or ‘ignition’ button at all! More to that, it doesn’t have an engine either, only electric […]

  • 一时冲动,入手特斯拉二代电墙(PowerWall 2)

    特斯拉(Tesla)电墙二代(PowerWall2)已经上市一段时间了。我早就想装一个,因为家里太阳能发电系统已经用了很多年,省钱效果显著,但早晚高峰时段依旧要依赖电网,而家用电池系统可以弥补太阳能系统的这个缺点,用自家发的电供应早晚高峰家用。 但是获得老婆的赞同票相当不容易。 首先当然是钱!在猫本电墙2 + 备电网关 + 材料 + 人工要14k,这是我比较多家供应商后找到的最好价格。这不是个小数目。 虽然我用电磁炉取代了煤气炉,但是按照自家的用电规律,指望电墙在十年内把自己身价省出来是不现实的 自家所处位置电网还算稳定,一年停电一次两次而已,所以应付断电这个借口也很勉强 关键时刻还得感谢土澳总理,他不停的说,只有火电(烧煤/油/天然气)才能保证家里的灯能点亮。老婆对此很是反感,投资太阳能发电后家里从电网取电量下降了60%左右,再努力一下99%能源自己并不是很遥远的。而像我们一样在屋顶安装太阳能PV板的家庭已经很普遍,只是安装家用电池的还少。况且,感谢COVID这一年没花什么钱在旅游上,于是老婆同意了这笔花销! 然而,貌似和我们有一样想法的家庭还真不少,这是2020年11月的事情。我交了定金后被告知还要等至少二个月才能轮到安装。然后,在漫长的等待中,突然我接到电话说附近有一家取消了安装,所以那个名额可以转给我,幸福来的很突然,我也懒得去想为啥有人会取消安装。 安装日那天电工天刚亮就来了,午饭前完成安装。 由于安装位置会晒到下午的太阳,我用木材和遮阳布给电墙做了个罩子,感觉土洋结合的很好。电墙是不怕淋雨的,但高温肯定会折寿的。几周以后再看看我家用电报告,轻松拿到榜首 几点心得: 电墙二代充满后有13.5度电可用,一般保留10%应急后有12度电 所以除了连日阴雨,一般家庭基本可以自给自足的 虽然瞬间最大功率有7KW,但持续最大功率5KW,所以家里总功率避免超过5KW 如果白天因为阴雨充电不足,只要“熬”过晚高峰,即使用电网的电也是相对便宜的 保证电墙联网,否则特斯拉会缩短质保期 🙂