How Much Did I Pay for Electricity, Petrol and Gas in 2023?

Yes, I paid less than AUD$700 in total in 2023

Am I one of those minimalists? No. The secret is, I paid 0 for petrol and gas – I have no need of them since I fully electrified my home. Here are the milestones of my journey to full electrification:

  • 11KW of solar power system which roughly generated 12.5MWh in last year, started at 4.5KW in 2015 and upgraded in 2019
  • Replaced my old gas cooktop with an induction one in 2019
  • Installed a Tesla Powerwall 2 in 2020
  • Replaced my gas hot water system with a heat pump one in 2021
  • Replaced a diesel SUV with a Tesla Model 3 in 2021
  • Replaced the ducted gas heater with inverter AC split systems in 2022

I suspended my gas account in May 2023 and the process costed me $88. With gas service fee in the first 4 months which is $72 I totally paid $534.94 for electricity. There’s more power from the grid during winter months so I got charged roughly $100 a month, while in other months of the year I used quite minimum power from grid and was mostly self-sufficient.

So, regardless what your favourite politician told you, the renewables are here to stay and it’s quite feasible to be more energy independent with some upfront investment.