Change Ganeti's Network Configuration

Ganeti is a cluster virtual server management software tool built on top of existing virtualization technologies such as Xen or KVM and other open source software. ”

This is how I changed the secondary network configuration using Ganeti command line tools.

1, First, say I need to change the network from to, I first will remove all NICs from all instances. The following command will remove the last NIC from the instance:

gnt-instance modify --net remove <instance>

2, After all NICs have been removed from all instances, the network can be disconnected:

gnt-network disconnect <network>

3, Next is to remove the network CIDR from the cluster:

 gnt-network remove <network>

4, Re-add the network with the new CIDR:

gnt-network add --network= <network>

5, Re-connect the network to the cluster:

gnt-network connect<network> bridged <bridge>

6, Re-add the NIC from the new network to every instance:

 gnt-instance modify --net add:network=<network>,ip=pool <instance>

7, The new NIC won’t be effected until the instance is rebooted by Ganeti:

 gnt-instance reboot <instance>

8, Not sure if there’s a way to pickup the IP automatically, at least I can assign the IP manually by editing /etc/ network/ interfaces with the new IP.

9, Execute `ifup` to bring up the NIC. That’s it!  🙂