Tag: Python

  • An Admin-Only Python Decorator for Telegram Bots

    TL; DR: Here’s a Python Decorator I wrote for Telegram Bots so certain commands can only be used by group admins.

  • How to Serve QR Images from Memory with Django

    TL; DR: I used SpooledTemporaryFile with FileResponse to server generated QR images directly from memory, no disk IO involved. Please see my code sample with notes: 🙂

  • Caching in Python with Redis + @Decorator

    TL;DR: Here’s a simple Python decorator I wrote which can cache function results with Redis. Prerequisites The Python Decorator What’s a decorator in Python? Here’s a very easy-to-understand explanation just for the question. Below is my code of the decorator with notes: Done 🙂

  • A Simple RabbitMQ Consumer with Python

    Here’s a very simple RabbitMQ consumer in Python, deployed in a Kubernetes cluster. I used this to act as a consumer for testing purposes. First the Python code: The above code can be saved as a ConfigMap in the cluster: Then the Kubernetes manifest: At last this can be simply deployed with 🙂

  • How to Easily Enable Webhook Mode for Python Telegram Bots

    I created a Telegram bot(@wordsquad_bot) using python-telegram-bot framework. There are 2 modes to run the bot: Since my bot has got almost all features and run stably for a while, I decided to setup webhook for it. I came across a few articles and did a bit of troubleshooting myself so here’s probably the easiest…

  • AWS Lambda with Single CloudFormation Template

    This is just a quick snippet of CloudFormation template to deploy a Python 3.7 Lambda function embedded in the template. The source code inside ZipFile can contain up to 4KB. # CloudFormation templateAWSTemplateFormatVersion: 2010-09-09Resources: LambdaCode: Type: AWS::Lambda::Function DependsOn: – LambdaRole – LambdaPolicy Properties: Code: ZipFile: | import boto3 def handler(event, context): … Role: !GetAtt LambdaRole.Arn…

  • Use Python to Check Difference between Directories Recursively

    I needed to track differences between software release packages, so that if anything changed dramatically, eg. some file missing or much smaller than expected, I can then get a notification to review the new potentially flawed package. I found that filecmp.dircmp class in Python is spot on for this job. Here’s my snippet to compare…

  • Manage AWS EBS Snapshot Life Cycle with Lambda

    The timing is not so great. The AWS Data Lifecycle Manager has been announced but I can’t wait for its release. So I decided to use AWS Lambda to do some snapshot lifecycle management. First a role for Lambda having full access to snapshots can be created via the console. To create snapshot with Python…