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  • How to Add Extra Scrape Configuration for Prometheus

    After some recent updating to my home server running Ubuntu Server 20.04, the InfluxDB server suddenly stopped working. I’ve used InfluxDB + Telegraf for many years, the combination worked very well without much maintenance. But as I have deployed some new-ish stuff – Prometheus, Loki, etc. in my garage Kubernetes lab, I think it’s time […]

  • Deploy the Loki Stack in a Kubernetes Cluster with ArgoCD

    Loki and Promtail from Grafana Labs are new kids in the observability community. Are they good enough to replace Elasticsearch and Logstash? I would like to see. Here’s a sample ArgoCD Application to deploy Loki, Promtail, Prometheus and Grafana all from 1 Helm chart: grafana/loki-stack. Some settings of my installations are: loki, grafana and prometheus […]