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  • Monitoring as Code with Grafana

    Monitoring as Code with Grafana

    TL;DR: I used Grafana Helm charts and ArgoCD to deploy dashboards as code. I’ve been using Grafana to build dashboards for years, both at work and as a hobby. A dashboard was created by hand for monitoring my garage Kubernetes cluster. Since I’ve adopted gitOps with ArgoCD a few years ago, what about going forward […]

  • ArgoCD, Jsonnet and Tanka

    Ever since I’ve installed ArgoCD in my garage Kubernetes lab, I wanted to make Tanka work with ArgoCD, so that I can do GitOps with Jsonnet, in addition to YAML, kustomize and helm charts. I was hugely inspired by(read: copied and pasted from) this blog post. Here are the steps I made Tanka worked as […]

  • Kubernetes and GitOps with Flux CD V2.0

    GitOps could be the next big thing in cloud automation so I’d give it a try with my in house hybrid Kubernetes cluster. I was recommended to try Flux CD and there’s a good reference project initiated by my colleage: k8s-gitops. However, in order to fully understand how to use Flux CD, I chose to […]