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  • An Easy Way to Build GitHub Actions Workflows

    TL; DR: I found it not so convenient to look up GitHub’s official docs when traversing objects in GHA(GitHub Actions), ie. what’s in github.event object? So using a few steps now all the data structures are available to me. 🙂

  • How to Setup Google Workload Identity Federation for Github Actions Runners

    When using GHA(Github Actions) for CI/CD purposes, the Github-hosted runners are free unless you use it quite a lot. But if I want to use GHA to build a docker container image and save it to my private repository in Google Artifact Registry, I have to grant the permission to some VMs I don’t even…

  • Combine GitHub Actions with FluxCD

    I started my hobby project SausLink( a tinyURL like URL shortener ) a while ago, as it was really boring during covid lockdowns. The web app itself isn’t anything cutting-edge but I intended to implement full git-ops for this project. For the CI pipeline, I chose GitHub Actions because it’s easy and also free for…