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  • To Duplicate/Backup a Xen VM in a Logical Volume

    技术笔记. 请忽略 🙂 0, If you are to duplicate, create VMs on destination server, just to create conf files and logical volumes for VMs and hold the place for source VMs. #xen-create-image –hostname [HOSTNAME] –ip [IP] –vcpus 2 –pygrub –dist squeeze 1, Create an LVM snapshot for the VM’s logical volume. #lvcreate -L[SIZE] -s -n […]

  • Xen 4.0 Hypervisor with LVM on Debian 6 Squeeze

    这篇用不用中文都是差不多了, 索性用英文了. Xen 是VM(虚拟机)的一种, 现在很多商用 VPS 服务商就是使用基于 Xen, 或者 OpenVZ 技术在一台物理上的服务器上同时运行多个VM的. 1, Install Debian 6 Squeeze This step will be the easiest. Just to remember to use LVM when partitioning and leave enough unused(un-partitioned) disk space for later use. If your system has >= 4GB of memory, choose AMD64 architecture. Reference to LVM: 2, […]