My Last Dota 2 Game

I started playing Dota 2 in 2014 because:

  • It was a fun game
  • Can run natively on Linux

I picked it up again when the lock down started in 2020, and played quite a lot in the following months. Until I thought I have had enough Dota, because:

  • The game was getting more complicated and punished casual players who don’t pay a lot of attention to each update
  • which made the game like chess but some rules change from time to time
  • Dota+ is a paid subscription which can help casual players a bit but
  • I became depending on the subscription
  • Also it’s harder to have fun without a fixed team. Maybe too many teenager players?

Anyways to my surprise after 400+ days without a single Dota 2 game, I actually felt better. Good bye Dota 2.