Distribute cron jobs to hours/minutes with Ansible

This is a handy trick to run a batch of cron jobs on different hour/minute combination so they won’t collide with each other and cause some pressure on the server.

The key is to use `with_indexed_items` and Jinja2 math:

- name: ansible daily cronjob {{ item.1 }}
  cron: user=ansible name=ansible-daily-{{ item.1 }} hour={{ item.0 % 24 }} minute= {{ (item.0 * 5) % 60 }}  job="/usr/local/run.sh {{ item.1  }}"
    - job_foo
    - job_bar

So the `job_foo` will be running at hour 0, minute 0 and `job_bar` will be running at hour 1, minute 5, etc…


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