Tag: yaml

  • How to Sort Lines in YAML

    I asked myself this question and it turns out that I don’t need to write a script to do this, yq has the answer already. More on array sorting and map sorting 🙂

  • How to Use YAML as Data Source in Terraform

    I love how DRY and lean YAML can be, since I started to learn Ansible years ago. Recently I wanted to provision MySQL user privileges right after the database instance provisioned in Google Cloud SQL. I used petoju/mysql Terraform provider to get the job done, it’s a community provider but seemed to be quite popular.…

  • Hello World, Grafana Tanka

    I liked YAML a lot, until it gets longer and longer, and even longer. There are tools to make YAML ‘DRY’, the popular ones are Helm and Kustomize. But none of them can say it got the job done. To be honest, I didn’t like Helm much from the start. Helm uses templating syntax similar…