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  • AWS Lambda with Single CloudFormation Template

    This is just a quick snippet of CloudFormation template to deploy a Python 3.7 Lambda function embedded in the template. The source code inside ZipFile can contain up to 4KB. # CloudFormation templateAWSTemplateFormatVersion: 2010-09-09Resources: LambdaCode: Type: AWS::Lambda::Function DependsOn: – LambdaRole – LambdaPolicy Properties: Code: ZipFile: | import boto3 def handler(event, context): … Role: !GetAtt LambdaRole.Arn […]

  • Manage AWS EBS Snapshot Life Cycle with Lambda

    The timing is not so great. The AWS Data Lifecycle Manager has been announced but I can’t wait for its release. So I decided to use AWS Lambda to do some snapshot lifecycle management. First a role for Lambda having full access to snapshots can be created via the console. To create snapshot with Python […]