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  • Use Fluentd and Elasticsearch to Analyse Squid Proxy Traffic

    TL;DR This is a quick guide to set up Fluentd + Elasticsearch integration to analyse Squid Proxy traffic. In the example below Fluentd td-agent is installed in the same host as Squid Proxy and Elasticsearch is installed in the other host. The OS is Ubuntu 20.04. Useful links:– Fluentd installation: https://docs.fluentd.org/installation/install-by-deb– Elasticsearch installation: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/deb.html The […]

  • Kubernetes Log Aggregation with Filebeat and Logstash

    Following last blog, Filebeat is very easy to setup however it doesn’t do log pattern matching, guess I’ll need Logstash after all. First is to install Logstash of course. To tell Filebeat to feed to Logstash instead of Elasticsearch is straightforward, here’s some configuration snippets: Filebeat K8s configMap: — apiVersion: v1 kind: ConfigMap metadata: name: […]

  • Kubernetes Cluster Log Aggregation with Filebeat

    Finally the Kubernetes cluster I was working on went live, and I didn’t provide a log aggregation solution yet. I had a look at dynaTrace, which is a paid SaaS. However it requires to install some agent in every container. It’s fun when there’s only several to play with but I wouldn’t rebuild dozens of […]