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  • Automate SSL/TLS Certificates for Kubernetes and Istio with Cert Manager

    It’s been a lot easier nowadays to turn on full site SSL/TLS encryption with an ACME issuer such as the popular non-profit Let’s Encrypt which I’ve started using it a few months ago. However the free certificates from Let’s Encrypt are only valid for 90 days and I have been notified to renew them already. […]

  • I Farmed Some Chia(XCH)

    Chia is a relatively new crypto currency which can be ‘mined’ with hard disks. It’s advertised as a green crypto because hard disks consumes way less energy comparing to mining rigs with high end graphic cards. I installed Chia on my Ubuntu Linux desktop computer because it has some vacant SATA ports that I can […]

  • Ethereum(Crypto) Mining with Nvidia 3070(Ampere) on Ubuntu 20.04 with Renewable Energy

    I’ve done Crypto mining before and since the price is now almost all time high I’ll do that again, but only with my solar energy. Mining with dirty coal power isn’t ethical any more as the climate change has accelerated in the past few years. To start ETH mining here are some prerequisites: Energy efficient […]