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  • Building Dynamic CI Pipeline with BuildKite

    I was inspired by this BuildKite pipeline sample given by the support team: So in the above case, if the first 2 commands succeed, pipeline.deploy.yml will be loaded into the main CI pipeline. This implementation is just brilliant. I’m not sure if jenkinsfile can do dynamic pipeline like this, but at least jenkinsfile won’t look […]

  • Notes: BuildKite and Kubernetes Rolling Update

    This is kind of a textbook case that container is much more efficient than VM. The CI pipeline in comparison uses AWS CloudFormation to build new VMs and drain old VMs to do a rolling update, which takes around 10 minutes for everything even if it’s just 1 line of code changed. I did a […]

  • Why I like BuildKite

    BuildKite is a relative new CI toolkit I would like to replace Jenkins with. Here are some pros and cons I thought I could share: Pros: Designed with containers(docker) in mind. Hybrid architecture, console as a hosted service where agents can run anywhere with internet connectivity Build pipeline as code, also very easy to write […]