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  • Fixed tracker-store’s CPU hogging issue on Arch Linux

    I think it’s since when I updated Arch Linux a while ago the tracker-storeprocess has become CPU-hogging and it can drain the battery pretty quickly and turn my laptop into a heater. Obviously there are people experiencing this issue already, but most of them that I found were trying to disable the Gnome tracker. I’d […]

  • Time Machine for Arch Linux

    I’ve been using Arch Linux for some years, and it’s still my favorite Linux distribution. The feature that distinguished Arch from others is its rolling release which means there’s no such a thing called version in Arch. Using latest packages in Arch is the norm. However living on the edge means it’s not quite safe. […]

  • Resolved: Arch Linux WiFi issue

    When I connected my laptop running Arch Linux to a new WiFi this morning, it worked for a brief moment then all connections were dropped. Connecting to the same WiFi with phone or Macbook works fine so the problem is at Arch LInux(AL)’s end. Then I noticed if I do a route it actually showed 2 […]

  • Install Shutter in Arch Linux

    It’s quite unexpected that in Arch Linux’s package database I couldn’t find Shutter, which is generally available in other Linux distributions. Although, it’s still possible to install Shutter in Arch. First I use pacaur as my AUR helper. Installation of pacaur can refer to this. Then it’s quite easy to get Shutter installed because it’s in AUR […]

  • 开始用 Arch Linux

    用 Linux 的好处是选择多多, 但有的时候确实很难选, 俗称”挑花了眼”. 我基本上的要求有: 相对新潮, 各个模块的版本都是最新的才好(当然, 不是说服务器上的系统) 桌面是(或者可以是) Gnome Shell. 很多人恨 GS 恨得牙龈都发炎了, 但我对 GS 情有独钟 社区活跃, 有问题多半能 Google 到结果 没有商业气味, 没有大公司在背后控制 这样筛选下来 Ubuntu 太商业化了, 奔着下一个 WindowsXP 的路子去了; Fedora 社区不给力; Debian 太保守… 唯有 Arch Linux 几乎完美. 唯一麻烦的是, AL 相对高端, 没有”一直点 Next”类安装界面, 安装 AL 是从 fdisk, mkfs, mount, chroot 这样的命令开始的(当然比起 Gentoo 的 gcc, make, […]