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  • StarGate SG-1 笔记

    这个系列剧我比较赞赏,因为科幻片不仅是超炫的效果,影射现实的剧情也是必须的。 1,Onill请求Harmmand出兵援救另一个星球上被一方扣押的另一方人。 Colonel Onill: I am hoping they see our superior number and firepower, will release him for instant. 我希望他们见到我方人数和火力上的压倒优势,就会立刻放人。 General: Colonel, The United States’ not in business of interfering other people’s affair! 中校,美国从来不干涉别人的事情! Captain Karter: … Colonel Onill: Since when, sir? 2,Onill与Kinsey议员针锋相对: Senator: You played with the FATE of this planet, on a DAILY […]